Pure Winterized Extracts Skillfully Crafted into Shatter Coins

We pride ourselves on crafting pure, beautiful golden shatter that is super consistent from batch to batch.  We start by sourcing only the finest and freshest plant material from our local growing partners.  By sourcing from indoor gardens we can get a guaranteed source of fresh material in a variety of strains.

Our small batch process includes a winterizing de-wax phase followed by gentle purging that locks in terpenes. Our shatter is stable, easy to handle, and it has a very long shelf life.  Each batch is tested for terpene content. We never use any additives, instead we let the original essence of the plant’s quality & characteristics shine through naturally.

Even though we have a wide variety of strains to offer, we strive to create consistency of form. Our shatter is expertly crafted into one gram “coins”. We then package each coin into a glassine envelope which serves as a vapor barrier to protect from oxidization. Also, the color and detail of the product is clearly visible through the glassine envelope so that you can see it before purchasing, without exposing the product to the air. 

Our shatter coins come in an OLCC approved re-closable child proof pouch saving retailers from the expense and waste of an exit bag. Each coin is placed into a translucent glassine envelope and then put into a thick paper sleeve in order to protect it from breaking.   The total cannabinoid and terpene percentages are printed right on the front of our package.

Our mission is to create a positive experience for our customers that they can count on each and every time. Our goal is to create an extract that is every bit as good as live resin without the premium price.

Because shatter is the only product we make, we are able to put 100% of our focus and effort into creating the best process that is repeatable every time.